Witnessing the beauty of a Christ centered family

About two weeks ago I had the unexpected privilege of witnessing a wonderfully unique family during mass.  I was not supposed to be at that mass.  I usually went to the 11 o clock mass at our parish but this Sunday I could not since that time conflicted with my grandma's 91st b day party in Long Beach Island.  I arrived at mass in my customary fashion, arriving slightly earlier to prepare my heart for the Lord.  I remembered perusing the Magnificat, browsing through the different lives of the saints.  I always try make it a habit to read writings from or about the saints as a way of inspiring and recharging my faith walk.  As I was reading I noticed a family arriving to the front right of me.  They were a typical family of 4 with a mother, father, and two children; one boy and one girl.  The children seemed close in age and were anywhere between the ages of 8 to 11.  Immediately when they walked they each genuflected in a very respectful manner.  With military like reverence each one of them payed homage to the king of the universe, our Lord.  I was very moved by this display of genuine piety since it is unfortunately so rare in our faith and culture. Usually the only ones that are pious are either elderly, or persons with slightly strange and histrionic demeanor's.  Throughout the mass I was inspired by this family's authentic witness.  They sang together, made the sign of cross together, knelt together, embraced together, with the parents at different moments appropriately lavishing these exemplary children with rightful affection, and genuine piety.  I was so moved by this family that I begin to cry.  I cried mostly out of joy and gratitude, and I yearned with my entire soul and being to have my own family, my own children, shaping these souls, preparing them to serve the Lord.  I was grateful to God for this witness. Somewhere someplace as I write this blog I can picture this wonderful family praying together, living lives of utter joy and devotion inspiring me to my core with the memory of their genuine witness.


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