The Awesome Cardinal Next Door

In my previous blog about the matter I strongly condemned the bishops from Mexico and their deeply misguided attacks of the Arizona Immigration Law. In this same blog I voiced my frustrations about how most bishops are out of step with the needs of those they are supposed to serve.  However, despite my frustrations I was able to  find this inspiring article about the great now former cardinal Marco Ouellet of Quebec City, Canada. He has been a fearless defender of church teachings even amidst the toxic, deeply contentious, anti Christian, fanatically secular Canada.  To find out more about this great man read this article; I am sure that you will be inspired and grateful. Also read this article about the cowardly bishop, Martin Veillette who condemned Ouellet's strong stance against abortion. It is so inspiring and uplifting to know that there are still great Christian soldiers out there who are not afraid to preach the truth.  I admire this man!


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