Renee Rewards: Reason 30

I love Renee because she has an unhealthy fascination with pirates, particularly the "argh" sound.  Nothing makes her happier than hearing this sound. It is almost a guarantee, if she is an bad mood all you need to do is say "argh" and swing your right or left arm up and down in a beer drinking way, and she will become nice again. I don't know the origins of this strange attraction but my hunch is that this fascination occurred at one of our friend's wedding where we saw a short, stocky woman dressed in a flamboyant purple cape outfit with a strange cane possessing a cat head on top of it.  Since then my beloved Renee has been bewitched in her fascination with pirates.  Here "argh" some examples of how she uses this peculiar sound: (For added emphasis place a pirate patch in either of your eyes; wooden leg optional)

  • "arghvark" which is supposed to be spelled "aardvark" an animal that looks like this:


  • How "argh" you doing?
  • "argh" just the regular expression
  • "arrrrrrgh" screaming it aloud to top of your lungs when stressed
  • Or substitute the word "sailor" from this song and add instead "pirate", "What do you do with a drunken pirate" 


  1. My favorite Pirate "Argh" meets Catholicsm moment was this:

    When I moved to Jersey, I couldn't believe that Bishop "Argh" High School's mascot was not a pirate. This idea seemed to escape everyone that grew up around here!


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