Rick Perry, College may be good or make you religiously liberal, Writing Tips for Dummies , How we got screwed as a country & other interesting oddities

Fresh from last post on links I found these other links that I believe are very interesting.

1) Gov. Rick Perry says he supports a constitutional ban against... A short video about this potential presidential candidate that is sure to get conservatives excited.

2) 12 Tips for Writing Clearly. An excellent post written by Simcha Fisher about how to write effectively.  Ideal for writer and reader alike.

3) College can be beneficial depending upon... A great article in the The New York Times about the long term earning potential of college graduates vs. non college graduates.

4) America got hoodwinked.  A provocative article written by one of my favorite radio personalities, Michael Savage.  Call him over top, even crazy, but the points that he brings up in this article will challenge all of one's preconceptions about the recent debt ceiling deal.

5) Study: A College Education Liberalizes Religious Views.  An interesting article about how a college education can liberalize a person's religious beliefs.

6) Republican and Classically Conservative in 2012. A through review of how conservative principles have benefited our country in the past.  


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