Random Links 08.03.11

1) Joe Biden comments about Gabrielle Giffords. Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.What he says about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is sure to amuse.  To read the brief hilarious article click here.

2) 6 questions My Spiritual Director Would Ask.  An interesting post listing 6 compelling questions that one should ask in the spiritual life. Very applicable to all walks of life.

3) What Pro Choice Christians Must BelieveA clever, humorous take on a famous painting.

4) A Swedish School that... Yes you heard correctly.  This Swedish School wants to do away with...What else do you expect from a Scandinavian School?

5) The Generation That Can't Move On Up.  An excellent post written in the Wall Street Journal about the negative consequences of a new working class which forsakes religion and the institution of marriage.

6) A Dictatorship of SentimentalismA Provocative article written by Elizabeth Scalia about the perils of a culture obsessed with feel goodism.


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