Finger Lakes NY Pt. II

In my previous post, Finger Lakes Pt I. I highlighted the first leg of our trip which consisted of Keuka Lake,  Keuka Spring Vineyard, Seneca Lake, and Watkins Glen National Park.  In this post I will focus on Seneca Lake, Lake Ontario, and Geneva, NY.

Seneca Lake. The largest of the 6 finger lakes -  Unfortunately this day was overcast which prevented us from being able to snap some panoramic shots.  However, for a brief moment, the sun came out and we were able to capture this great pic: Sweet rolling hills and verdant land. Sometimes you need to ask where a cool scenic vantage point is.  We asked the girl behind the counter at the convenience store this question and that's how we found this gem of an area.

Seneca Lake.  While we were driving around this lake we were enamored by the quaint houses that decorated it.  This wonderfully scenic lake served as a backyard to many of these houses.  This shot was a tiny example of this.

Lake Ontario.  On the same day we went to see Lake Ontario, which is one of the Great Lakes.   My wife had never previously seen any of the great lakes.  It is interesting how because of the massive size of this lake, from some spots, it seems like you are staring at the ocean.  This shot was taken right on the precipice of this lake. Just a cute yard on this imposing body of water.

Geneva. This was a shot of the Ramada Geneva Lakefront where we stayed.  Geneva is located right on the Northern tip of Lake Seneca.  We spent our first night there drinking a Santa Clara Red a sweet summery wine which we purchased at the Keuka Lake Winery.

Geneva.  In the backyard of the hotel was a jetty with a walkway.  It was an ideal location to smoke cigars.  Cigars, wine, scenery who could ask for more!

In the next post I will be posting the final leg of our trip to the Finger Lakes.  So stay tuned.


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    1. Thanks for responding and for the link. My wife and I truly loved the Finger Lakes. My personal favorite was Watkins Glen.


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