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Finger Lakes NY Pt. 1

Back in the spring I took a trip with my wife to the Finger Lakes Region in Upstate NY.  Before the trip we had never heard about this region.  Actually the way we found out about this area was through  Renee's co-worker.  My wife, always looking for the coolest road trips wanted to find something that was far enough to give us a feeling of a getaway, but near enough to make it accessible by car.  Thanks to Renee's penchant for '"convenient"  and "practical" adventures, we were able to discover a region not only unfamiliar and scenic, but also renowned for its wines.   What we experienced there was nothing short of memorable.  I believe that each picture will tell its own story. Enjoy!

1) Keuka Spring Winery. Being faithful to the region's famous wineries we decided to stop at Keuka Spring Winery. It was a quaint, but well stocked winery. This was actually the first time that I had ever done a wine tasting. It was a delightful experience as the staff could not have been more educational and accommodating. This photo shows the aged oak wine barrels that were used to store the wine. What makes this photograph interesting also is the fact that it shows the serene Keuka Lake in the background. We heard from sources that this was one of the cleanest lakes in the country.

 2) Keuka Lake.  Each of the 6 finger lakes have their own unique character.   Keuka lake was definitely no exception to this.What makes this lake interesting is its distinctive "Y" shape. How often do you find a lake, a vineyard, and a mountain all in one glance.

3) Watkins Glen National Park.  This park was located at the base of Seneca Lake - the largest of the finger lakes. Someone had told us that this park was famous for its many natural wonders including 19 waterfalls, 400 foot cliffs, 2 distinct trails, and over 800 steps all within its 2 mile radius.  Excited by this prospect I immediately ran out of my car when we arrived there and excitedly began my journey.  What I saw beyond this entrance was nothing short of spectacular!  I had never seen anything like this in my entire life.

4) Watkins Glen National Park.  When I first entered the park I was first greeted by this cascading gorge. This reminded me a little of what the Garden of Eden must have looked like. Instinctively I looked for some fig leafs, a serpent, and a tree but I couldn't find them. But I did see waterfalls - numerous waterfalls.  So loud were these waterfalls that they drowned out all of my thoughts-which was probably a good thing.

5) Watkins Glen National Park.  There were two trails in this park.  One trail took you beneath, directly towards the gorge while the other trail appropriately titled the Indian Trail took you 200 feet above giving you a more panoramic view. On my way back I decided to take the Indian trail.  It was an fascinating trail.  I could almost visualize how it felt to be an Indian Warrior hunting along these bridges. Strangely at the summit of this trail there was a small cemetery.  I found this strange and I wondered how those bodies were even buried there.

6) Watkins Glen National Park.   God's majesty could be felt everywhere in this sacred space.  I was so inspired by his creation that I prayed 2 decades of the rosary as I travelled down the winding trails.  It felt so appropriate giving glory to God.  I thanked him for everything at that moment; for the ability to feel the water on my skin, for the health to travel the 800 steps, for the opportunity to meditate on the splendor of his creation. It was a very intimate way of connecting with the Lord.  This was one of the last scenes that I saw when I left the park.

In the next post we will explore the captivating charm of some of the other lakes.


  1. Wow, beautiful pics! Looks like you guys had a great time! Give my regards to Renee! :) My co-worker was also telling me about this. She went a few weeks ago and said it was beautiful. How far of a drive is it?
    Take care & God bless,


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