Awesome Links 08.16.11

1) The Priest Who Converted His Enemy: An inspiring post about a Catholic Priest who was able to convert a Nazi.

2) Philosophy for DummiesA funny and creative post about one of life's most difficult questions.

3) Pale Kid Raps Fast. A hilarious rap video.

4) Maps of WarA great 90 second video featuring a timeline about the turbulent history of the Middle East.

5) Famous World Ideologies Explained through Cows. A fun explanation about the different world ideologies. An excellent teaching tool.

6) Amazing Fact Generator. Generates thousands of interesting facts with click of a mouse.  Now you can throw away all your Snapple tops in peace.

7) How to Detect LiesA post that is guaranteed to show you the tricks of spotting a liar.  A must have for adolescent parents.


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