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Unexpected Blessings Pt. II

During the course of the past two weeks I have written about the struggles that I have had adapting as an intern. In this post I will focus on the blessings that the Lord lavished on me during these several days. Here are the following blessings

• On Saturday as I facilitating a group leisure activity I saw one of my favorite members, a young vibrant girl of about 9. We just played and romped around the recreation room. We both had fun, I could see it in her eyes as she enjoyed the time that I spent with her. This interaction sort of reminded me of the interaction that a dad has with his children.

• Saturday Night while my sister was visiting I had a special moment with my niece. One of my favorite things to do while entertaining is to make cappuccino, with our special Nespresso Machine and frothier. While I was making the cappuccino my little adorable niece was helping me also. We worked great together; she was able to successfully follow my commands and once again this action gave me a foretaste of the beauties of fatherhood.
• On Monday, as I was struggling with anger and depression I spoke to a dear priest friend of mine. As I related my struggles he told me that I needed to surrender all of my will and to focus instead on serving others, especially during my internship. I don’t know why it was but once he said these words I felt something change within me. All of my anger seemed to gradually dissipate, replaced instead with a new found peace and acceptance of my current situation.

• Yesterday while I was at my site I was scheduled to help feed one of the members. Unfortunately my initial reaction was one of disgust. I had seen how other members would spit out their food and make a mess. I did not want to partake in this disgusting ritual. But since I had no choice I sucked it up and did the feeding. While I was feeding something began to shift. With each spoonful that I would help the member with the more peace I would feel. I even began enjoying the experience, and did not seem to mind the mess, the drool, and the spitted food. As my time winded down I even began to feel a sense of regret that it ended so soon. I recalled in my mind how St. Francis felt similarly when he began working with lepers. He also felt disgust and reprehension at the condition of the lepers. But as he began to do it more and more his heart began to change so much that he would sleep and even bathe with the lepers.

• Today as I was driving on my way to the site I was stuck in the middle of a massive traffic jam. In the past I would have cursed, flailed my arms, and lamented my state. But today instead of falling into this familiar trap I prayed two rosaries and as I prayed I felt peaceful; so peaceful that I did not mind at all the traffic.

One of the main reasons why I choose to highlight these blessings is to show how powerful the grace of the Lord can be. I have to admit that I am the most stubborn, narcissistic, self centered, prideful SOB. Left to my own devices I would live a life of brute seclusion, forever isolating myself from the daily crosses of life. But the great news is that in spite of these unappealing character traits, the Lord still chooses to love me unconditionally. Reluctant Saint I may be, but with the Lord hopeless I can never be! (It’s corny but it rhymes)


  1. great read! Fight the good fighT!@

  2. The fact that you are humble enough to admit your weaknesses puts you way ahead of so many. This is a great post - full of hidden messages and lessons. You have a way of reaching people's hearts through your personal stories and struggles. Thank you for sharing your life and reminding me to look for peace in everything I say and do; even the most difficult of challenges!


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