January Phony Catholic of The Month Revealed!

Ever since I began my blog in April 10' I have showcased famous Catholics who have wavered from their faith. Some previous recipients of this dubious honor have been Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Fr. Raymond Gravel and others. Last month I showcased Fr. Downing and his continued efforts to undermine church authority.  For this month it was very difficult for me because I was forced to choose a person whom I generally admire and respect greatly.  To find out who it is click here...

I am a loyal fan of Bill O'Reilly.  I admire his no nonsense, honest, and thoughtful news reporting.  For years I have been a regular viewer of his program, The O'Reilly Factor, and I have even purchased three of his books, but when he said this in response to a comment by a viewer I was greatly distressed,

"I'm absolutely factually correct when I say a fetus is a potential human being and no one can deny that.  I respect your opinion but until you become a Supreme Court Justice, it remains your opinion, your belief.  I can't run this program based upon my religious beliefs, so I try to put up arguments based on facts and I believe we are successful in doing that."

O'Reilly by taking this position has blatantly chosen to disobey fundamental Catholic teaching regarding life.  By compartmentalizing his faith he is falling precipitously to the trap of many Catholic public figures.  What's worse about this is the fact that he prides himself on his Catholic education.  Just imagine if the early Christians adopted this compartmentalized attitude regarding the teachings of Jesus during the Roman persecution?  Would the church have ever grown past the limited confines of Galilee?  Of course not.  A great reason for the miraculous success of the early apostles was the fact that they were bold in their preaching, most of the time even to the point of death.  Their faith was integrated not separated by a dualistic private/public mindset. They lived their faith in private and especially in public. It is my prayer that Mr. O'Reilly returns to his Catholic roots and uses the blessings of his enormous success to promote vigorously the sanctity of life.


  1. I saw that exact show the other night and I was so disappointed in him for saying that and his words really, really disturbed me. It was hearing those words that made me think twice about watching The O'Reilly Factor in the future. I'm SO GLAD you wrote about this and I enjoyed your article. Thank you for exposing the truth for what it (sadly) is.


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