Unexpected Blessings Day 1

Today as I wrote in my previous blog, The Beginning of a New Journey marked the beginning of my 6 month internship.  It was a long and tiring day, but despite my feelings of fatigue the Lord in his kindness blessed me in the following ways:

  • The traffic going there particularly Rt 287 North was not bad at all.  I was actually able to get to my site 50 minutes early.  This gave me just enough time to recite morning prayer and to catch some much needed shudder eye.
  • In one of the sessions that I was observing I was blessed to work with a special needs child. The kid looked just like a cross between Ralphie from A Christmas Story and the kid from Jerry McGuire. My activity was simple I was supposed to help to create a snowman out of basic arts and crafts materials.  In the end we created a pretty cool snowman complete with a paper mache scarf, colored cotton balls for buttons, glittery snowflakes, and a sculley hat to boot.  I definitely believe that we created the best snowman of the group. 
  • In my last meeting of the day we had to select music for the spring concert.  The theme that we decided upon was the 1960's British Invasion.  Through our diligent research we found this hilarious clip.  (Click here to view the clip)  Pay attention to the special ending, and his unique, macabre laugh.  This song I believe was the flowery precursor of the mosh pit.
  • On the way home my mom helped to put all of my difficulties of the day in perspective.  She told me to view each patient through the eyes of Christ, using this unique opportunity to evangelize through charity, similarly to what Mother Theresa did with poor in the slums of Calcutta. I am definitely no Mother Theresa, but she had to begin somewhere also.  It is my hope that my internship site becomes my Calcutta, my pulpit of bringing Christ to others.
As I conclude this day I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to serve others through charity.  


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