Some highlights from my holiday hiatus

It feels great to be back from my Holiday break and to resume what I love doing,writing.  After not writing for what felt like an eternity I was beginning to exhibit symptoms of writing withdrawal.  I was irritable, (sorry Renee), had recurring nightmares of porcelain dolls with knives, and I even began singing the theme songs of 80's sitcoms.  (For aural torture click on the links to hear two of my favorites, The Golden Girls, and Who's the Boss)  I was on the precipice of agony; the longer that I did not write the worse it got, nothing could save me but writing, my wifey, and the Jewish Carpenter from Nazareth.  In this post I will briefly list some of the highlights from my hiatus.  Here are the highlights:

  • We were snowed in for nearly two days during the blizzard.  It was pretty romantic, we cuddled under our Christmas Tree, drank hot cocoa and watched  re runs of Seinfeld and The Office.   I even got the opportunity to be a hero for my wife by fixing our electric fireplace.
  • We got the Nintendo Wii fit for Christmas and we are both addicted to it.   The only down side is that my Wii fit age is 44! 
  • I almost finished reading George W. Bush's book, Decision Points.  I have only one more chapter to go. Whether you agree or disagree with the former president the book is still a worthwhile read, and does an excellent job portraying the unique challenges of the Bush presidency.
  • I worked my last day at UPS as a seasonal worker this Thursday.  On the bright side I can grow back my beard.
  • I made about 20 New Year's resolutions about 2 which I will keep if I am lucky.
  • I was blessed to have spent meaningful time with family and friends, especially with our 2 beautiful nieces Elena and Mariana.
  • I got a pretty cool haircut which my wife approves of.  (well sort of, she does not like the back of my hair.)
  • I witnessed first hand the pyromaniac tendencies of my brother on New Year's Day.  It is a miracle that my mother's home still stands.  Nonetheless his foibles on New Year's Day provided me with much fodder for Marcello's Mischief.


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