What legacy will we leave behind?

During the past several days I have begun reading the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  I was always drawn to the Franklin's unwavering dedication to being a good and moral person even in the face of his many triumphs. A great part of his success towards this noble end came from a poem that was given to him by his uncle Benjamin, when he was just a boy, the poem goes,

"Be to thy parents an obedient son;
Each day let duty constantly be done;
Never give way to sloth, or lust, or pride,
If free you'd be from thousand ills beside; 
Above all ills be sure to avoid the shelf;
Man's danger lies in Satan, sin, and self.
In virtue, learning, wisdom, progress make;
Never shrink at suffering for thy Saviour's sake.

"Fraud and all falsehood in thy dealings flee,
Religious always in thy station be;
Adore the maker of thy inward part,
Now's the accepted time, give him thy heart;
Keep a good conscience, "tis a constant friend;
Like judge and witness this thy acts attend,
In heart with bended knee, alone, adore
None but the Three in One for evermore."    (pg. 4)

After I read this wonderful poem these questions began to take shape in my mind, "What is my legacy? If I would die today how would I remembered by those closest to me? by my country, or community?  As Catholics our legacy is largely determined by how closely we align ourselves to Christ on a daily basis.  The more we do this on daily basis the greater our legacy becomes, the less, the more we forfeit out greatness, thus squandering the opportunity that God has in store for us. The choice is completely ours, which path will we choose?  It is my prayer that we all choose the path of greatness. Ask yourself today, "What will be my legacy if God decided to take me today?  We must always strive to live each day of our earthly existence with a heavenly focus,  if we do this our legacies will surely be great.


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