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Some Highlights from My Hiatus

For the past 4 days I have taken a brief hiatus from writing posts for this blog.  I did this primarily for two reasons: 1) To take a creative break and 2) To take care of other responsibilities.   1) Creative Break-I read somewhere that sometimes the best thing that a writer can do is to take a creative break. Writing although very rewarding is hard work.  There are times where I feel my brain is slow like molasses and I struggle to come up with anything that is even mildly interesting. I have a million ideas but I just can't seem to find the words to express them. I took this break to recapture my creative spark. 2) To take care of other responsibilities. As most of you well know I am in the midst of a grueling job search, going on interviews and filling numerous applications.  On top of that I had other important responsibilities that needed my full, undivided attention.I am a firm believer that writing although very important should not come at the expense of my other responsibilities.

In my first post since the hiatus I will write very briefly about three specific highlights during my break:

1) Leading the Music for Spirit and Truth: This past Friday I had the awesome privilege of leading the music for a Festival of Praise service at Spirit and Truth.  A Festival of Praise service is a music centered way of leading others into communal and personal prayer. This was my first time in over a year and a half that I have led the music ministry so I was slightly nervous. The night went very well, without any major hiccups. I was able to successfully sing and lead the entire congregation in worship, with the help of 4 incredibly talented women.  I felt honored that I had the opportunity to use my musical gifts to draw others closer to Christ.

2) My Niece's Confirmation:  This past Saturday I also had the wonderful privilege of attending the Confirmation of my niece.   Confirmation, although very important in the life of a believer is often times erroneously considered as a graduation from the faith.  Nothing could be further from the truth, confirmation rather is a new beginning in the life of a believer since it is the institution of the Holy Spirit. This gift in turn gives the believer the spiritual gifts necessary to proclaim the gospel to the world.  (I don't intend to explain in this post the spiritual or historical ramifications of the sacrament. I will do this in a future blog.)  As for the day itself it went very well. I got a chance to spend some time with my family and witness my niece receive this supernatural gift.

3) Trick or Treating with my 2 year old niece.  Today Renee and I had the wonderful opportunity to go Trick or Treating with our 2 year old niece. This was the first time that she had ever done this. You should have seen her! She was dressed as a pumpkin. Boy she looked so adorable! I especially loved how she would say "Trick or Treat" with her head slightly cocked to the right. We then took her around the block to go trick or treating. She was so excited, she loved knocking, asking, and talking to the people as she received her candy. It was truly special moment, one of those times that one remembers throughout one's life.


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