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The Double Standard Lives On

Yesterday as I was reading the news, I stumbled upon a news story regarding New York's Archbishop Timothy Dolan. In his blog Dolan issued a scathing criticism of the New York Times for its decision to run an obviously anti catholic news story.  (To read Dolan's complete response click here)

The main premise of Dolan's argument was that he felt that The New York Times had a double standard when it came to reporting news that was offensive to Catholics as he stated,

"I’m talking about the common, casual way The New York Times offends Catholic sensitivity, something they would never think of doing — rightly so — to the Jewish, Black, Islamic, or gay communities."

Archbishop Dolan was also speaking about the radical, liberal, pro gay organization, Act Up which was debuting an art exhibit in the West Village. (To see the disturbing gallery click here.)  These are the same goons that had no problems disrupting mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, often times shouting 4 letter words at the late Cardinal John O'Connor and mass attendees. What makes this exhibit so reprehensible is a particular photo of Cardinal O'Connor alongside condom with the words written below, "Know your Scumbags."  Equally shameful is The New York Times decision to run the story despite it's deplorable, blatant, anti Catholic message. (Check out this article for example) Can you imagine if some "radical conservative" group decided to showcase an art exhibit of Anti Islamic or Anti Gay works.  I would argue that The New York Times would rightfully never run those stories.  So why the double standard?

In this current tyranny of political correctness, the only allowed "intolerance" is against the Catholic and Evangelical churches since we are the only true, counter cultural forces that are swimming upstream against the forces of secularism.

To give a small example of the double standard that is rampant in our media one does not need to look further than today's news.  In the news today was the surprising firing of Juan Williams, who was a correspondent for NPR.  Williams, who is a democrat  is an excellent commentator and writer with a reputation for being fair.  The main reason for his firing was a "offensive" comment that he made against Muslims on the O'Reilly Factor. (To read his "offensive" comments in their entirety click here.) Just for this comment his illustrious 10 year career at NPR was blown up in smoke. It is amusing how someone like a Juan Williams who is really tolerant was fired on the grounds of being "intolerant." You see this is what happens when one lives under a "dictatorship of relativism"; in an age where media outlets such as the The New York Times have no problems perpetuating a double standard.


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