The attack of my lead, right foot: Quebec 09'

It was a cloudy, overcast day on a Tuesday morning in beautiful Beaupre, Quebec. Everything was rosy we were freshly newlywed, deeply in love, going ga ga over each other, kissing often, holding hands, probably grossing out all those that we met. But it didn't matter we were on our honeymoon, life was idyllic, life was great,  nothing could go wrong.

On that fateful Tuesday we decided to take a drive around the enchanting Ile d' Orleans which is a tiny island made up of 5 villages located right in the middle of the St. Lawrence river.  We were casually driving, taking in the sites, stopping by every chapel, making our signs of the cross-  being quietly mesmerized by the silent charm of the island.  Everything was sweet and serene until...

About midway on the island a damned School bus lodged itself in front of our car.  The speed limit was about 20 miles per hr,  but this bus was going about 10 miles, at its peak! After about 2 miles or so, (probably a half mile)  I began growing more and more restless. I could not take the snail like speed of this yellow, metal intruder.  So I huffed and I puffed, fuming, seething with restless fury, gesticulating wildly.  I, a New Jerseyan would not take the abuse of some slow moving Canadian, yellow, metal box. It was a matter of national pride, I, an American would not take this abuse. After having had enough I finally did it...

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity finally the opportunity had come, my rendezvous with destiny was now complete.  I stepped on the pedal with my right, lead foot and began to pass that object of my scorn. I was a man on a mission, nothing could stop me now.

 As I was beginning to make my move the stop sign popped out from the left of the bus, signifying that I needed to stop, to allow the children to cross over. But it was already too late for me to do so, I was already mid stream in my attack,  as I did the unthinkable by passing the bus.  Almost immediately Renee scolded me as I heard the cars behind me beeping their horns.  As I was passing in disgrace I saw from the corner of my left eye the school children looking fearful and incredulous.  I was tempted to stick out my tongue at them but the little brain that I had left prevented me from doing so.  I had successfully  single handedly destroyed the peace of this alluring island with my lead, right foot. 


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