St. Thomas More & Religious Freedom

Yesterday was the feast day of one of my favorite saints and patron of this blog, St. Thomas More.  St. Thomas was imprisoned and beheaded by King Henry VIII for opposing his unlawful marriage to Anne Boleyn. St. Thomas gave his life for the cause of religious freedom. As part of the fortnight for religious freedom I thought that it would be appropriate to include this part of the letter which St. Thomas wrote to his daughter, Margaret while imprisoned:

"And finally, Margaret, I know this well: that without my fault he will not let me be lost. I shall, therefore, with good hope commit myself wholly to him. And if he permits me to perish for my faults, then I shall serve as praise for his justice. But in good faith, Meg, I trust that his tender pity shall keep my poor soul safe and make me commend his mercy And, therefore, my own good daughter, do not let you mind be troubled over anything that shall happen to me in this world. Nothing can come but what God wills. And I am very sure that whatever that be, however bad it may seem, it shall indeed be the best."
To read the rest of the letter click here.


  1. What a sane and grounded man St Thomas More was, and what a useful example he is to 21st century lay people ( and not just in the East and Middle East) who will soon be forced by unjust laws of a secular humanist (EU) state run by the next dictator antichrist to suffer for their faith, even unto death.

    As Mark Twain observed, "History doesn't repeat itself; but it DOES rhyme."


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