Generation Nothing

"Give Me, Give Me."

This is the familiar cry of a child.  Second to,"Why?"  this is the most common expression in a child's lexicon. For a child there is nothing wrong with this, it comes with the territory, a normal by product of development. However, when the child never grows out of it, then something is gravely wrong.  Unfortunately this is the case for what I like to call, Generation Nothing. (Ages 18-25.)

This is the generation of perpetual whiners.  A group of spoiled, never grown up children;  the crowning triumph of best friend parenting. This is arguably the most entitled generation in history.  This is the same generation that demands a higher salary without experience,  a free college education, without repayment.  Demanding always, "Give me, give me," but never giving back. (At least with a child there is some healthy fear.) 

I came upon this notion during Memorial Day weekend. During that weekend most of my coworkers in that generation called out, not bothering to come at all to work, burdening the more responsible workers and managers It was a fitting microcosm of this generation.

Honestly, I am not impressed at all with this generation  Actually I am terrified.  If this is the future of our country then we are screwed. 

This is the Obama generation.  Do I need to say anything else?


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