Fortnight for Freedom Reflection Day 2

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Reflection for Day Two

The Council Fathers note that it is precisely because
human beings are “endowed with reason and free
will” that they naturally seek what is true and good
and also, then, have “a moral obligation” to search
for the truth. This is especially the case of seeking
religious truth. Moreover, the truth they believe
they have come to know binds them to that truth.
Even if the “truth” they believe is not actually true,
yet, because they believe it is true, they are bound to
follow their conscience. As long as what they believe
does not infringe the just rights of others, they cannot
be coerced into giving up or changing what
they believe.

Moreover, the Council states that in order for
human beings to fulfill their obligation to seek the
truth and live by it, they must be free to do so. No
one or no authority is to force them to believe something
to which they themselves have not freely given
their consent.

Why does the Council stress the need to seek
freely religious truth? Why do those who believe what
is actually false still possess religious freedom?


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