The Infamous 7: The George Soros Catholics

A couple of days as I was writing about the Fortnight for Religious Freedom I was disturbed to discover that their were certain prominent Catholics who were orchestrating a counter campaign to oppose the bishops in their opposition to the HHS mandate. To make matters worse this group was believed to have been funded  by ultra left mastermind George Soros. To read the article click here.  To read the entire memo detailing the strategy of this nefarious group click here.

I also thought that it would be fitting to include the names of these phony Catholics who are acting in concert with George Soros.

Nicholas Cafardi (once at Duquesne)
Terrence W. Tilleyu (chair of the theology department at Jesuit-run Fordham)
Lisa Sowle Cahil (theology prof at Jesuit-run Boston College)
M. Cathleen Kaveny (prof at Notre Dame)
Fr. Tom Reese, SJ (ousted editor of Jesuit-run America)
John Gehring (writes for Fish wrap and Huffington Post)
Paul Lakeland (Fairfied University)

There is nothing worse then Catholics undermining the rightful authority of the bishops. 


  1. They're the devil's "quisling Catholics": "agents provocateurs" ; wolves in sheep's clothing who mislead lukewarm Catholics who have not cared enough about their religion to keep learning about it after childhood.

    These people, both the wicked and the foolish, need our prayers for conversion; for none of them actually believe anyone goes to Hell for choosing their own will over the will of God.

    "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."


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