Fortnight for Freedom: Key sermons which inspired the founding fathers

For the past several days in lieu of the Fortnight for Freedom, I have been writing and sharing material about religious freedom.  In yesterday's post I wrote about St. Thomas More.  In today's post I will be sharing several revolutionary era sermons which greatly influenced several of the founding fathers. Here is a snippet:

"Today is the first Sunday of the Fortnight for Freedom, a two-week celebration of religious liberty in America. Church leaders, and preachers especially, have played an important role in our nation’s struggle for and preservation of this “first freedom.”
In 1833, the American Quarterly Register articulated the important role that ministers played in the American Revolution: “As a body of men, the clergy were pre-eminent in their attachment to liberty. The pulpits of the land rang with the notes of freedom.”
To read the rest of the article click here.

A great part in reclaiming our religious liberties is realizing that the cause of liberty was something that was fought for, throughout our nation's history.  The cause of liberty must be fought for anew within each generation.  The great news is that as a country we have over 200 years of victory for the cause of liberty.   As the latest generation we must draw from the wellsprings of past victories and win these battles again for our children and grandchildren.


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