Recapturing The Magic of A Snowday

I originally wrote this 4 years ago when I was snowed in.  I think it is still very appropriate given the intense winter we have experienced this year.

I remember those magical memories of times past where my brothers and I would awake excited, and run towards our living room window to see if the promised snow had arrived.  After seeing the snow we would turn on the radio to hear those words every kid desires to hear, "School is closed!" Once we would hear those words we would hurriedly bundle up, go outside and begin throwing ourselves on the snow.  To us a snow day was the closest thing to heaven.

Snow days were always special to us growing up. There was something inherently enchanting how those powdered flakes would fall from every direction,  how we would build snow men, glide on our sleds, have intense snow ball fights, all topped off by the never ending aroma of hot chocolate in our mother's kitchen.  For us snow was much more than just a meteorological phenomena, snow to us was the perfect embodiment of reckless joy and innocence.  Snow allowed us to be most ourselves, children.

Now when I think of snow that innocent luster is gone.  I don't see the perfect, dove, white flakes cascading down, all I see is the disgusting tar, coal like color of the snow, a frank reminder of my work life as a commuter.  For me now all snow represents is one giant inconvenience.  Stores are closed, terrible drivers litter the roads,  another day of not getting paid, dirty carpets, back breaking shoveling, disgusting shoes, etc.  For me there is nothing appealing  about a snow day.  I don't run to the window anymore,  instead I just merely run away from the snow hoping that I am able to dig my car out.  But every once in a while the Lord uses a "snow day" as a way of reminding us of what is most important in life.

I believe sometimes that the Lord sends down the snow as a way of reminding us all of those idyllic days of childhood.  The Lord wants us to become like children again, excited about his creation, eager to take part in his wintry masterpieces.  The Lord is not a selfish artist, who keeps to himself, the Lord is a generous artist who begs us all to partake in his masterpieces no matter what our ages or occupations.   A snow day is much more than just a day off, a snow day is a spiritual day in which we all have the opportunity  to reconnect, to ponder, and be more intimate with the Lord than on a non "snow" day.  

Tonight as I sit home fighting a bad cold,  a part of me longs to reconnect to the snowy memories of my childhood. Tomorrow I will have that opportunity to once again stay home, to re live the allure of the words, "School is closed." Tomorrow morning I promise to awake like a child and with eager spirits I will try to catch that first snowflake with my tongue, ride my sleigh up that hill and sip that hot chocolate. But if I am sick I will still enjoy myself and look out the window and I will give a toast to the simple memories of childhood, reminding myself that no matter how old, how busy, how inconvenienced I might be, at heart I am always a child and that's the part of me that can never die.


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