Doll Attack

My friend has this inordinate fear of porcelain dolls.  His whole life he has been terrified of them.  Him mom had hundreds of them . That's probably the genesis of his fear. I mean come on... the spooky, cockeyed eyes perpetually gazing at you, their blood red lips smiling and frowning at the same time, the pale white complexion like a frozen corpse. It's all bad. Although I share in his hatred, I am not petrified of them.  Actually, I find them funny in a Victorian /Goth way.  I just don't get why anyone likes these creepy things.

So anyway, one day my brother and I decided that we would prank our porcelainphobic friend.

We went over to the "doll room" where the little creepies were neatly placed in lighted display cases like in a jewelry store. We searched the cases and found the perfect doll.  She had a dead white complexion, was cross eyed, and had long, tangled auburn hair.  To top things off the doll was in a kneeling position.  We pried apart the praying hands and successfully placed a chef's knife between them.  Then we turned off all of the lights and placed the doll on top of the kitchen table which was located close to the door.  We were now ready for our poor unsuspecting friend to come home...

The door creaked, footsteps followed, the lights turned on...

He let out the blood curdling scream we had hoped for and ran out of the house. We were cruel at first. We let him suffer for an agonizing minute. Then we came out after him laughing and gently cajoled our friend back into the house. 

Mission accomplished. We terrorized our buddy. Shame on us. But momentarily hilarious.  I guess it made an impact. He keeps reminding us what jackasses we were to this day. 


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