Loving The Cross Pt.III

I usually don't write too much about a specific subject, but for some strange reason I keep discovering amazing quotes about loving the cross. The quotes that I discovered this morning came from St. Faustina's Divine Mercy in My Soul. These quotes were so profound that I felt compelled to share them. I would advise meditating upon them if time permits.

When pain overwhelms my soul,
And the horizon darkens like night,
And the heart is torn with the torment of suffering,
Jesus Crucified, You are my strength.

   When the soul, dimmed with pain,
   Exerts itself in battle without respite,
   And the heart is in agony and torment,
   Jesus Crucified, You are the hope of my salvation.

And so the days pass,
As the soul bathes in a sea of bitterness,
And the heart dissolves into tears,
Jesus Crucified, You shine for me like the dawn.

   And when the cup of bitterness brims over,
   And all things conspire against her,
   And the soul goes down to the Garden of Olives,
   Jesus Crucified, in You is my defense.

When the soul, conscious of its innocence,
Accepts these dispensations from God,
The heart can then repay hurts with love.
Jesus Crucified, transform my weakness into omnipotence. (1151)

"It is no easy thing to bear sufferings joyfully, especially those which are unmerited.  Fallen nature rebels, and although the intellect and will are above suffering because they are able to do good to those who inflict suffering on them nevertheless the emotions raise a lot of noise and, like restless spirits, attack the intellect and will. But when they see they can not do anything by themselves, they quiet down and submit to the intellect and will." (1152)


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