Wimps Be Gone!

"There is no place in the priesthood today for “wimpish-ness.” There is no place for an attitude that just wants to please people, no matter what they think and no matter what they want. Today the priest has to stand up and be brave, preaching the Truth with love. He has to be willing to be unpopular. And if it comes to it, he has to be open to martyrdom."
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I love the emphasis on there being no room for wimps in our faith. If you are a wimp you have two choices: either repent and pray for God's grace to overcome your timidity or just leave the faith. I am serious. None of this middle ground vacillating crap.  The stakes are too high, immortal souls are at stake.  Either man up or leave!  There is no room wimps here.

So are you ready to be a man?

St. Athanasius


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