Happy May Day!

This goes out to all of the communist's out there.  Socialists are also invited. (Most of Obama's cabinet) Occupiers please come.  I thought that it would be fitting to honor the communist's achievements in human rights, world peace, and economic stability.  Check out this video to help with the festivities: (Vodka encouraged!)

Here are some basic stats for some of our communist all stars.  These are the amount of people that were murdered, or like the communist's would like to say "sacrificed for the state"

1)Joseph Stalin 46 Mil
2) Mao Tse-Tung 37 Mil
3)Vladimir Lenin-4 Mil
4)Pol Pot-2.2 Mil
5)Josip Broz Tito 1.1 Mil
6) North Korea ( Kim Il Sung, Kim Jung Il) 1.2 Mil

Total-91 Mil

These stats were gathered from R.J. Rummel's book, Death by Government Published 1995.  These statistics are actually conservative.  New Research suggests that these numbers are even be higher!

Have a Happy May Day!


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