Obama's Assault on The Catholic Church Pt.II

Yesterday I wrote about the potential devastating effects of Obamacare on the Catholic Church.   In this post I will feature a conversation between Hugh Hewitt and Rick Santorum.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

"HH: Rick Santorum, what do you advise Catholic hospitals, Catholic colleges, Catholic…the centers of poverty assistance, the adoption agencies? What do you advise them to do in the face of, as Archbishop Olmsted said, we cannot comply with this unjust law?
RS: Civil disobedience. This will not stand. There’s no way they can make this stand. The Supreme Court, eventually, this thing’s going to get to the Supreme Court just like the ministerial hiring issue that was just decided by the Supreme Court the other day. And it was a 9-0 decision that said the Obama administration can’t roll over people of faith when it comes to hiring. Yet in the face of that decision, this radical, secular government of Barack Obama continues to have faith be the least important of the 1st Amendment. And I just think they fight. They fight in the courts, and they fight by civil disobedience, and go to war with the federal government over this one."

To read the entire article click here.

Senator Santorum is absolutely right this is a time for civil disobedience.  We need to stand alongside our bishops to defeat this gross infringement upon our religious rights.


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