Nicki Minaj & Satan's Grammys

What do Nicki Minaj, Satan, The Catholic Church, and the Grammy's have in common?  The answer is in this video...

This performance was a direct assault on the Catholic Church.  Personally I was not too surprised by this given the entertainment industry's anti Christian bias. However, I was outraged, this was personal.  Nicki Minaj was mocking Jesus, my beloved Catholic church. I am an artist and I love music, but when art begins to glorify the profane it simply isn't art anymore. Just imagine if this performance was set at a Jewish synangogue with young boys recitting the torah while provocative women were shoving their bodies with their legs spread accompanied by the whimpering words of a rabbi who has no power to stop the seductive she devil.   Or imagine this performace taking place in a mosque with men praying on their rugs with women grinding in front of them, distracting them from praying.   I would argue that it would have never aired because it wasn't politically correct.  But when it comes to Christian bashing there is a double standard.

As Catholics we need to rise up, organize, and begin to fight these cultural wars.   Where is the outcry, why isn't anyone covering this?   I understand the concept of ignoring things and letting them fizzle out, but the Catholic church  has taken too many blows lying down.  I intend not to be one of those people lying down.   Come join me, let's begin to fight back.    Here are 2 simple ways to fight back:

1) Forward this post to as many people as possible

2) Boycott all of Nicki Minaj's products and recordings

Vivo Cristo Rey! 


  1. Marco, I felt exactly the same way you do! It was very uncomfortable to watch and very offending!Jana


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