Its Time To Kill Timidity

There are two sides to each person. One is a side of weakness, the other a side of strength.  There are two sides of this battle, the consequences which can shape the destiny of a person.  This fundamental battle has been fought for ages, more acutely by Christians, but also by leaders of all stripes. Lose this battle and you can kiss your life good bye.  I am not talking about heaven or hell even though this battle does shape this ultimate outcome. I am talking more about a personal battle, a battle which unfortunately most people don't fight or ever undertake. 

Our society loves timidity, or political correctness in its contemporary manifestation.  Why?  Because it is safe, and sanitized. A timid person isn't a threat to no one.  The timid person might be more well liked, but no one respects a timid person. I certainly don't, I hate timidity like I hate sin. A lamb is much more pleasant than a lion, but a lamb gets slaughtered, while the lion roams as a king.  As Christians we are called to be fierce. We need to become comfortable with warfare.  The very fate of the world and salvation all hinge on this fundamental decision. It is time now to become lions for the kingdom, it is time to become brash, raw, bold and fearless.  This is urgent my friends. So are we willing to kill timidity?   Are we willing to become great for the kingdom?  Are we willing to roar like a lion or bleat like a lamb?

"War! "War has a supernatural end that the world is unaware of," you tell me "because war has been for us...War is the greatest obstacle to the easy way. But in the end we have to love it, as the religious should love his disciplines." (311) from "The Way- St. Josemaria Escriva 


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