minute musings

Allow me to share some unrelated random thoughts:

  • Youth is the time of ideals, of exciting grand gestures, of unbridled enthusiasm.  There is never a time quite like it.  Youth is also the time of immaturity, of unrealized hopes, vanquished ideals, of starting and not finishing. I want to be young forever, but with a mix of silver haired wisdom.  That is the best combination.

  • What is a person? Is a person simply a collection of cells, molecules, and atoms?  No.  A person is more than that. A person consists of both physical and spiritual matter.  The soul is the part which grants life to our bodies.  The soul can't be seen - but like the wind it is there even if we can't see it.

  • Life is a roller coaster: with its anticipation of the ride, its highs and lows, its thrills and leveling off. The only thing is.... that one never knows when the ride will end.

  • I love this country, but it is being run by freaks: by wig wearing politicians, dumb celebritards, a media gone mad and powdered bureaucrats.  Ok - so there's no guillotine in the distance, but if there were, I wonder whose head will get lopped off first.  C'est la vie I suppose. "Let them eat (gluten free) cake." 

  •  So ... how 'bout that. I am pretty cool after all. Some call me the Dos Equis guy because I am so interesting. (and modest !) But am I really interesting? Despite my pair of hip eye glasses and cool hair cut - what is my appeal? Let me ask my wife. She'll tell me. 


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