Minute Musings II

And some more unrelated random thoughts:

  • The ideal society is the one which has a healthy fear of God combined with the original vision of governance crafted by our founding fathers in the constitution.

  •  No medicine in history has been able to replicate the healing power of laughter. Life is full of humor if you look for it.

  • The truly interesting man is the one who centers his life around God.  

  • Vanity of vanities. This whole life is vanity, a chase after the wind. Everything passes away: the seasons, the weather, human life. Everything is always changing and evolving. Strange that we put so much faith in such a transient world. 

  • I really hate raccoons.  I'm using the word hate here. Big garbage picking rats. 

  • Why do people get on each other's nerves?   A lot of it probably has to do with people possessing different temperaments. The key to getting along is not focusing on the differences, but focusing instead on a unifying, greater cause.

  • The whole being of a person lies in the spirit. You can't see the spirit but its there. Just like you can't see wind but its there. 

  • New book idea- A story about vulgar weasels fighting drunken Leprechauns for world domination.  Who will win? (For my 3 readers who get that...you're welcome.  For the rest of you.....forgive me)


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