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America In Decline

Let's face it we are a nation in decline.  This country is being attacked by outside forces and we are also unwittingly attacking ourselves from within   We are being decimated by the two headed monster of radical Islam and secular liberalism. 

Against these two forces our nation has little chance of regaining its former glory as a representative government, which was carefully crafted by our nation's founding fathers.  We used to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We now are a people of the government, by the government and "from" the government.  We have become a nation led by a growing authoritarian class. We are subjected to the whims of this powerful minority who claims that they know better how to govern our lives than we do. We are selling out daily to that behemoth called the government. We are becoming less reliant on God and ourselves and becoming more reliant on the utopian fantasies of corrupt politicians, whose primary aim is to maintain their grasp on power by feeding table scraps to the hungry masses.  And as my father in law always says...  "the masses are asses" ( Hmmm....I wonder if dad knows that Alexander Hamilton said that.)

How sad that this country is divorcing itself from the very principles which made it great.  These principles helped sustain our country during wars and fostered a sense of dignity during peace time.  These very principles ended the scourge of slavery, brought peace to many nations, restored hope to our allies and injected fear into our enemies.  Yet these same principles are being undermined every day by the very people who have benefited from them.

You know what else is sad?  Anesthesia.  Most of the population is anesthetized to these perils. The American people for the most part are content to live lives of noisy isolation. Just ask most teens, millenials or thirty somethings.  They are living in a twitterverse.  Thank goodness for instagram  or else they wouldn't know what Cousin Johnny across the country had for dinner last night. We are numbed by Game of Thrones and Naked and Afraid.  We seem to be content to major in the minor things of life instead of dedicating ourselves to a worthy cause.  Rome wasn't sacked in a day.  We too are being sacked from within.   Everyday our freedom is being eroded. Everyday faith is being eroded. One day someone is able to worship publicly and the next day they can't worship at all. Freedom is delicate like that. It is here one day and gone tomorrow. Just ask the Jewish people in 1940's or the Cristeros in Mexico in the 1920's.     

Nothing restores the dignity of a person more than faith and liberty.  Nothing can maintain or bring peace better than faith and liberty.  Faith and liberty are the antidotes to radical Islam and secular liberalism.  My heart breaks for this country's blindness.  We are asleep at the wheel.  The car is gonna crash.  I pray we wake up.

To bring our country back to its former glory we need to regain the torch of faith and liberty. Like the statue of liberty we must raise this torch high.  We need to rekindle in us the fire of greatness which brought waves of immigrants to our shores.  We need to erect that pillar of hope that will light up our darkened world.


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