8 Tips to Stay Sane in an ADD World

Let's face it we leave in a very distracting world.  External distractions seem to bombard us everywhere. If it isn't the TV, then it is some crying child. If it isn't the crying child, it is your boss giving you another task. If it isn't your boss then it is your cell phone going off. If it isn't your cell phone it is the driver in front of you who almost swerved into you.  How does one make sense of all the madness?

I think the most important step is to have a solid core belief system. A system which is fundamentally unchangeable.  A system that is as firm as a rock, making sense of the choppy waters of life.   Thomas Jefferson even wrote about this when he wrote:
"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."
For me my rock is my faith in Christ, but even in spite of this I still find myself getting distracted all the time.  So during one of my distracted online searches I stumbled upon this very interesting article which gives some practical advice on improving concentration in this hyper paced world. 

I found some of the advice very useful.


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