No Umemployment

There is much talk about unemployment these days.  Just turn on the news, listen to the radio, go on the Internet, or simply have a conversation with a friend, co worker or relative. Unemployment is very much in our public consciousness.  Everyday we are bombarded by dire economic news.  Fear dominates as we all struggle to stay afloat.

I know that during these difficult financial times it is tempting to despair, to view these moments as lost time.  However this pessimistic point of view is not compatible with our faith.  Last week (when I was in the bathroom) I began reading the day's reading from God Calling.  These are the lines that stopped me in my tracks.  Figuratively of course:

"If he has not work let him make himself a conquering force, beginning with the conquest of all evil in himself...There are no idle hours in My Kingdom.  Waiting may seem a time of inactivity, as far as the outer world is concerned, but it can, and should, be a time of great activity in the inner life, and the surrounding material plane." 

As I read these lines then it all began to make sense to me.  If you are truly aligned with God's will on a daily basis then there can never be such a thing as unemployment.  There still my be pressing deadlines,  payments to be made, and food to be put on the table.   However, the trick is to view the time of unemployment as a spiritual stepping stone to a more holy life.

The time of unemployment can be an opportunity to do some spiritual spring cleaning; to realign your priorities, to rededicate your life to Christ.  The temporary reality of unemployment won't sting as much when there is a spiritual component.



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