The Greatest Injustice

There is a lot of talk about injustice in our world today.  Injustice against the poor, injustice against immigrants, injustice against racial groups, injustice against religious groups, injustice on Wall Street, injustice in the corporate world, injustice in politics.  However, hidden from all these legitimate injustices is the greatest one of all...injustice against God.

Justice simply defined in this context is giving God his due.  Our society I am afraid has lost sight of this injustice.  So why does one need to be just towards God?  The answer is simple, God created everything.  Not giving God is due would be equivalent to a child not acknowledging that it is alive because of its parents.  Sure the child can deny this fundamental fact, but to deny this would be in essence to deny itself.  Because as humans we are not created in a vacuum we are created by other humans.  So by not acknowledging God and giving him his due we are denying ourselves.   The cost of this injustice is fairly obvious if one takes a look at the deplorable state of our society.  A society that does not acknowledge God is a society that is doomed to fail.  Because without the moral compass of God humans are not capable of living truly moral lives.

So how can one be just towards God?  Simple, by putting him first in one's life;  by setting aside daily prayer time,  by doing good works, by going to church on a regular basis, by frequenting the sacraments etc. By fulfilling these basic tenants one gives God his due.  Once one does this then all the other injustices in the world can be worked on.  But without giving God his due all these good acts in the name of justice will be rendered useless.  Since good works alone can never be the sole function of justice.

The importance of this prioritization can't be understated because by default humans are built with an innate desire to worship God.  Deny this primordial desire then you have a world full of injustice for justice can't come apart from God.  But what about those who are not Christians can they be just?  I would say yes. If they live out the tenants of their faiths they are giving God his due even if it is not within fullness of the Christian faith.

So the next time you hear about injustice think about the greatest injustice of all...


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