Beautiful Soul

Last night I had an encounter with a wonderful soul.  It wasn't supposed to happen.  The only thing that I was expecting was a normal visit to my mom's house.  But the Lord in his wisdom decided to use that planned visit to witness unexpected greatness.

My sister in law decided to bring home a boy from her work. I introduced myself and he did the same.  His name was John.  Immediately when I saw John I knew that he had Autism. What I didn't expect was how much John would impact me that night.

It all began by him showing me the cupcakes that he had made.  Then he told me how he was so excited to have potato dumplings with bacon. ( a Slovak specialty)  However, nothing could conceal the joy that he had when my brother came home.  He had waited the entire time just to get a chance to feed the dogs.  That made him the happiest kid in the universe.

I then bonded with him through music. We began jamming out together and there weren't even any  instruments.  I just provided some beats and he did the rest.   It felt so good communicating with him this way.  It reminded me of why I studied music therapy in the first place- to help and to be helped by people.

I almost think that John is too good for this world. The world in all of its evils doesn't deserve such a great person.  He was a truly beautiful and joyful soul. So beautiful that I wanted to protect him from this corrupt world.  But true beauty, like art - needs to be shared, needs to be experienced again and again, by as many people as possible.  I have always believed that true art converts - because it forces one to inevitably come to the conclusion that there is something bigger than us out there. 

In many ways John was a Mother Teresa, or a  Pablo Picasso   He turned such a humdrum task as feeding the dogs into a mystical experience.  He is definitely a walking saint.  He might not become canonized in this life, but he is still winning souls for the kingdom because through his innocent spirit he is showing the world the loving face of God.

Thank you John.  Thank you God.


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