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Mercedes Musings: Saying Goodbye

Yesterday as I handed back the keys to my dad's Mercedes I realized that the end of an era was finally upon me; the era of my pretend millionaire status. Reality was especially cruel this morning as I had to don an additional sweatshirt and gloves since I did not want to take the chance of turning on my anti freeze smelling heat. About 20 minutes later I realized that smoke began emanating from my hood. I had to pull over my car and top off the antifreeze that I had just topped off yesterday. Yes reality was upon me. I was certainly no millionaire; I was just an intern again. I was right where God wanted me, behind the wheels of a beaten up 96' Ford Windstar. I was sort of like a disciple 2000 years ago, giving up the horse for a pair of beaten up sandals. (But I guess that I was in good company since Jesus wore sandals.) Still the reality of this morning stung...

You see I had grown accustomed while I was driving the Mercedes to my new James Dean swagger and my Cool Hand Luke persona. I had also grown addicted to the incredulous glances of the staff at my internship site, the effortless 0-85 MPH acceleration, 6 CD changer, the effortless handling, and the lovely sound proof interior. It felt great for a change to be higher up the food chain than minced meat. You see as an intern I had grown used to being treated as Spam. The Mercedes meant much more to me then a nice set of wheels; it represented a certain type of emancipation, a brief escape from the oppressive hum drum of my internship. I knew that this day would come, but still it was difficult. I am still in mourning...

Yesterday as I made my final go around with the car, I clenched the steering wheel just a little more tightly, opened up the sun room just a little more widely; while taking in for the last time the still present new car aroma, and the flawless, curvy design of the exterior. (Yes this car had curves!) Yesterday before I said, "Good Bye" I took my rag and I dusted the car one last time and made my way to the hood and gave one last, quick wipe to the Mercedes insignia. I said "Good Bye" and after that I got back into my filthy, snow, soot covered van.

Ultimately I am grateful to the Lord for giving me these 5 weeks behind the wheel of the Mercedes. During this 5 week period the Lord showed me just how much he loved me. He did not have to give me a Mercedes; he could have given me any car, or no car for that matter. But the Lord choose in his abundant mercy to bless me his servant, to give me some joy, while I was undergoing the mountainous challenges of my internship. The Lord was incredibly kind, and I look forward to serving him back in my rightful place at my internship with my anti freeze leaking Ford Windstar.

To read about my better times with the Mercedes click here for my original, "Mercedes Musings" post.


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