Mercedes musings

There is a cliche that goes, "The clothes make the man." In my case I would say "The car makes the man and fakes out the onlookers."  Every once in a while the Lord decides to help me in a cool way and this is one of those times. Here's the story. 

About two weeks ago as I was driving to my (hour and a half away- unpaid) internship site, I began smelling a strong odor of antifreeze as I blasted my heat; the heat that never worked in the first place.  As I lifted the hood I realized that my car was leaking antifreeze.  Worried,  I filled up the container with the last remaining antifreeze from my trunk.  I prayed and hoped that my car would be able to survive but during the course of the week it got worse and started leaking antifreeze at a faster pace.  I was in a bind, I needed help, but where could I go?  I did not have any money, and worse off I still had about 5 months remaining on my internship.  The Lord would answer my fervent pleas with the gift of a Mercedes... (Seriously I am not kidding)

I called my father and asked him if I could drive his car (which happens to be a lovely e-class Mercedes) while I tried to find a way to fix my car.  I asked because I knew that he would be leaving for South America for 7 weeks.  Thankfully, my father agreed and here's the rest of the story...

The past week since I have been driving the Mercedes a new swagger has emerged.  I simply feel cool, like I am some famous person.  There are times where I actually have to remind myself that this car is not mine, and that my true car is still a beaten up Ford Windstar mini van with no heat, that leaks antifreeze.

It is so ironic when I park the car at my internship site, that me -  a non paid intern has the most expensive car in the lot.  I have even caught several of the employees looking twice to make sure that this sculley wearing, beard sporting, dead broke intern is the owner of a Mercedes. I don't exactly look the part of a wealthy middle aged man.   I still enjoy the looks of bewilderment in their eyes whenever they see me pulling in.

Before I end this blog I have to share funny story about the Mercedes.   This past Saturday night, when the weekend retreat that I helped to organize was over,  I went outside to help the two Franciscan friars that ran the retreat with their belonging. (which consisted of high school back pack, a duffel bag, and the remains of a gargantuan 6 foot sub)  We then discovered that the friars could not get into their car. The battery of the remote key entry had died.  To make matters worse they did not have an actual key so they were stranded.

I needed to take them to get a battery for the remote at the pharmacy.................with my borrowed Mercedes.  So here's the visual: Two Fransiscan Friars  in full grey robed  garb with roped belt (who had renounced all wealth and taken  a vow of poverty) are being chauffeured to the store in the back of a shiny silver Mercedes!  People glanced at the strange entourage of two men and two friars getting out of the quintiessential luxury car.  Its like that old joke .....How many clowns can you fit in a volkswagon? - How many friars can you fit in a Mercedes? ok nevermind ...not that funny. 

Then, at the check out line the woman at the cash register asked the friars to pray for her.  The friars agreed and actually prayed with her while we were in line.  As he was praying aloud one the Friars blanked out and said: "Lord we pray to our lady of all the babies of the world!"  It was such a strange prayer, since the woman asked us to pray for her suffering.  Afterwards we all had a good laugh at the words the friar used.  I even remarked, "All those years of fancy theology training and that is the best that you could come up with!" It was all in good fun.

Every once in a while the Lord uses humor to connect with us.  I am grateful for Him providing me with a car to to get me to my internship site.  He even gave me the opportunity to drive a beautiful car.  It has been a wild ride thus far.  I can't wait for the other surprises that the Lord has in store for me as I drive this car.

Thanks  Dad!  (the dad on earth .....and the dad in heaven)


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