30 Years: A Milestone

This past Sunday I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I can't believe it,  I have been on this earth for 30 years!  I like to think of 30 as a great age, an age where I like to think that my hormones have finally caught up with my brain;  an age where I am still young, but hopefully wiser then in my second decade.  In this post I will list the highlights of my special day:

  • On Saturday night my wife threw me a beautiful dinner party with my closest family members.  I was touched and honored to have my family with me to celebrate this milestone.
  • The highlight of the evening came when my sister, 2 brothers, and brother in law all recited their tributes to me.  I felt so uplifted and loved as each of them shared their moving words.  I felt like God was speaking through each one of them, affirming his deeply personal love for me.
  • I was treated to the best, berry, cheesecake, chocolate fusion, cake ever. This cake was made for me with tons of TLC by my mother. 
  •  My wife wanted to have each guest leave with a special memento of the night so she collaborated with a family friend to create a favor bag for each family member.  Each bag contained a wonderful assortment of chocolates and a chocolate custom made lollipop with a "30" on it. To make it masculine a black bow tie was tied at the base of the pop: very different - very dapper.
  • I then learned that we would be spending 2 hrs instead of 1 hour at adoration that night because the 3am guy was in Texas for the Superbowl.  I felt so honored that the Lord wanted to spend an extra hour with me on my birthday.
  • Sunday morning we went to a special mass during which the relics of St. Gianna Beretta Molla were displayed.  We had the opportunity to venerate her and handle the relics (her gloves) while praying for her intercession to help us to have a family. Very impactful and moving.  (To read more about St. Gianna click here.)
  • I then went to see my two little nieces, the highlight being that the little one puked (projectile style)on my brother in law.  Awesome!
  • My wife later surprised me with adult footed pajamas  - fulfilling one of my deepest life's wishes.           ( Footie Pictures will be posted soon.) 
  • I then spent a lovely, quiet evening watching the super bowl with my wifey!  (well... she worked and I watched the super bowl - but hey  - ya can't have everything. Right?)
 I was wildly blessed this birthday.  God keeps reminding me that despite my bitter rantings about all my struggles,  he is still crazy about me and showed me by showering me lavishly with gifts (literally and figuratively) for which I am deeply grateful.   Thank you Lord.  Many more please  :)


  1. Happy Birthday! And are you familiar with that song "My Next Thirty Years"? I love that song. Anyway, best wishes for you that this year is a safe, healthy and happy one. Sounds like it got off to the perfect start! (By the way, the song is by Tim McGraw.)


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