Did you know that there are 57 states?

It was too good to be true I couldn't believe it when I heard it. Here is the video:

The 7 extra states are:
  • State 51: Puerto Rico-Almost there. With a little more negotiating we can have endless rum (Yum) and yes even Coqui (image to the right)
  • State 52:  Venezuela-We should kick out Hugo Chavez Clint Eastwood style and like greedy capitalists take over this oil rich country. 
  • State 53: Cuba-Once Fidel kicks the bucket 50 years from now we can have the best cigars in the world..
  • State 54: France- We should seize this once great nation and eat their brie and drink their wine and "let them eat cake"
  • State 55: The Netherlands- As an olive branch to liberals/social progressives who seem to always extol the libertine ways of the Dutch. We can give them the opportunity to move there and to live out their wildest Utopian fantasies.
  • State 56: Uruguay- What? Where the hell is that?
  • State 57: Paraguay- What?  Where the hell is that?  Stupid! It's right next to Uruguay.
Maybe this was on Obama's mind when he answered the question:


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