Secular Humanism: Atheism's Brilliant Disguise

I have been reflecting recently on the role of Catholicism in the public square today.  Much to my chagrin I have noticed that Catholicism's role has diminished greatly in our country.  I believe that secular humanism, a virulent form of Atheism has contributed greatly to this decline.

When did this happen?  I don't know exactly when but I suspect that the role of the church has diminished in relationship to the size of the government.  If you use this argument then one can surmise that this began during the government's massive expansion under president Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. (There is actual data that supports the claim that charitable contributions went down as a result of the New Deal programs.)  Subsequent administrations have done the same such as Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society Programs up till the present day with the passing of the Health and Portability Act. (Obama care)

One can argue that these programs have helped our country greatly but at the expense of Catholicism's influence in the public square.  Before these programs were instituted the bulk of the programs that helped the poor and needy were created by Christians and Catholics.  Hospitals were open, schools were built and there was no need for too much government intervention.  Communities were stronger then with most people helping each other out on a local scale.

Am I advocating that these programs be removed so that Christianity can flourish again? Of course not I believe that these programs have contributed positively to the welfare of this country. I also believe that Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on the good.  But what I am not OK with is how a new form of Atheism is beginning to take shape which seeks to replace Christianity's influence at all costs.

I believe that Christianity's greatest threat is secular humanism.  Secular humanism, which is a strand of atheism stresses that state is the primary agent of good.  Secular humanism, much like communism seeks to create a just utopia where Christianity is substituted for a new world order.

On the surface this might seem harmless, but in reality its dangerous.  Secular humanism is the maturer, more subtle form of Atheism which has the same goal of replacing Christianity as the greatest force for good.  This ideology is dangerous because it doesn't take into account Christianity's role in creating Western civilization.  Many of the secularist ideals are Christian concepts repackaged to fit into a society that is increasingly more hostile to Christianity.  The problem with this ironically is that once you remove Christianity from the public you begin to have a society that is more barbarous and less tolerant.  Nazism, Communism, and Totalitarianism are all extreme examples of what happens when you remove Christianity from society. I am not saying that all advocates of secular humanism are in the closet Nazi's or Communists. What I am saying instead is that history teaches us is that the alternatives to Christianity in the long run are always far less humane.  

So what's the solution? Holiness.  I believe, much like the 1st century Christians that we are being chased underground and that in order to reemerge Catholics must live heroic lives of holiness. Society must recognize, much like it did in Ancient Rome that Christians are more loving, decent, and humane than the status quo.  Catholicism must shine like a beacon of hope in a world that is corrupt and imperfect.  Once that happens then Christianity will pick up the pieces of a broken society and begin to heal the wounds of a culture which sold out to secular humanism's provocative appeals.        


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