It's Time for Another Option

Like most people I have been intrigued by this year's presidential race. However, this presidential race has placed me in a moral quandary. 

I am not crazy about Trump, I distrust Hilary Clinton, and I, unlike Bernie Sanders don't believe that Western European socialism is the answer for every woe.  As a Catholic I feel that I don't have a real choice. I don't really fit in with either party.  I am sick of having to always choose the lesser of two evils. I know that there is no such thing as the perfect candidate, but lesser than shouldn't be the only option.  There must be a third option.

I think that one option to solving this problem is to form another party. Indulge me for a second... 

Imagine a party that leans right when it comes to marriage and right to life issues. Imagine a party which espouses the core tenants of Catholic social teaching while economically supporting the subsidiarity.  This idea isn't novel. There are parties like this all over Europe and South America.  I believe that this is a viable option since it gives the voter another choice in this failed two political party system.

I know that the history for new political parties isn't too good. I know that the process for setting up competitive candidates in each state is very difficult. But all it takes is one victory to begin a political revolution. I believe that our country is at a turning point.  I think now more than ever people are hungry for another option. The time of the two party system is coming to an end.  I believe that it is feasible to expect that within my lifetime there will be a competitive, new political party.  Once this happens then I believe that elections will be more representative of the will of the people. 


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