The Wimp And The Conqueror

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend about the complexity of human nature.  We spoke in depth about how there seems to be two sides to a person. I don't mean just good and bad.  It was more how there seemed to be a resistant, scared side, and a risky, conqueror side which craves victory.  After we parted, I felt compelled to write about:

                                                "The Wimp And The Conqueror."

There are two sides.
Both sides are waging a war.

Maybe the best place place to be is somewhere in the middle, but moderation is so boring, reserved only for the dull witted.

The wimp is timid, scared; shuns all risks, fears change, and abhors confrontation.  The wimp is overly obedient and too reliant on others. The wimp doesn't challenge the status quo, plays by the rules, and takes pride in being "the good one."

The conqueror desires victory at all costs, is authoritative, doesn't take no for an answer, and seeks to dominate. The conqueror needs to be the best at everything, relishes battle, and is exhilarated by the whiff of danger. The conqueror is impatient, distrusts authority, and is fully self reliant.

How can a person have strong elements of both these personalities?

If there are any of us out there that do have both? What do we want?  Do we want the conqueror to perform the ultimate conquest?  Do we want the conqueror to kill the wimp?  Strong man wins? Survival of the fittest?  Wouldn't that be great?


Could it be less dramatic than that and still be great?  Couldn't the wimp maybe learn a few things from the conqueror?  and perhaps the conqueror could also take a few peace and harmony tips from the wimp.

Maybe so. Maybe not.

The battle continues

To the victor goes the spoils.


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