The Other State of The Union

Recently our president gave the state of the union address.  Personally I am not a fan of these addresses since they rarely accomplish the ends that they promise, and the annoying, programmed applauds drive me to the brink of insanity.  However, there is an issue to which I believe the President is not devoting enough attention; the emerging, global threat of Isis.  Being distraught at not being able to do anything about this, I thought of writing the speech that I wish president Obama had given.

Date: January 30th, 2015

"Good evening my fellow citizens of this great country.  I will be speaking briefly about an issue that demands our nation's immediate attention; the global, growing threat of ISIS.  I have come to the sobering conclusion that we need to defeat this radical Islamic terrorist group.

For the past several months Isis has been steadily growing despite our targeted air strikes.  The air strikes slowed their progress in certain areas such as northern Iraq. But in other areas like western Syria, and even now in parts of Yemen and Africa, Isis has been making steady gains. Isis now controls an area that is larger than that of England and Ireland combined.  At their current rate Isis will control even more land if they are not stopped.

Like all of you, I have been revolted by the senseless beheadings of innocent journalists.  Like you I have been shocked by Isis's barbaric tactics. Cutting off poeple's heads, crucifixions, and forced suicides.  I have been enraged at Isis's relentless campaign of slaughtering Christians, Muslims, and other ethnic minorities.

Isis no longer can continue on their rampage without being stopped. We as a nation must stop them or else we will face ISIS in our homeland; in the streets of The United States.  The Charlie Hedbo incident in Paris should all remind us of the clear and present danger that Isis presents to our national security.

I have been in contact with our allies and other foreign leaders to discuss the formation of a coalition to help derail Isis' progress.  I will work tirelessly until their is a global consensus and solution to the problem.  These leaders have all shown a willingness to take Isis down.

Some of Isis's gains can be blamed on decisions made by my administration. Looking back there should have been a more sizable military presence in Iraq after the initial mission was accomplished.  I as Commander in Chief take full responsibility for this.

Moving forward we need to face the fact that we are all faced with a challenge between goodand evil. This is our generation's great battle. This is the moment of truth.  The moment where we hope to tell our children and grand children that we faced and conquered. We can not ignore this threat any longer. We must fight. Evil must lose.

Previous generations all had to confront evil.  They were victorious and we will be victorious over Isis in this generation.

Our military leaders all agree that we will need to send our troops to fight Isis head on. I have approved a sizable land force. We tried to do avoid this, but it resulted in Isis growing stronger. Alongside our ground forces we will wage a relentless, targeted air campaign which will hone in on key infrastructure and assets.  We will will also be conducting a humanitarian mission designed to help the inevitable influx of refugees to neighboring countries. I am working with the leaders from those countries to develop a strategy that will not only help the refugees, but also ease the border tension for those neighboring countries that will be providing the refugees a safe haven.

As Commander in Chief and a father I am always reluctant to send our troops to harm's way, but given the gravity of the situation I am faced with no other choice. We need to fight Isis head on.  I promise the American people that we are doing everything in our power to lessen the chance of casualties both military and civilian alike.

It has been said that when Abraham Lincoln was confronted with the civil war, he prayed to God to ask him for guidance.  I too  have prayed and continue to pray that God will guide my decisions and safeguard the lives of all the men and women of our military and for those who will inevitably placed in harm's way.

I am also asking you the American people to also pray for the success of our battle. Pray personally, and plan days of prayer at your synagogues, churches, and mosques.  For those who don't believe in a God I also ask for your help and support during this time.  We must band together as a nation. We are one.  We need everyone.  Together we can conquer Isis.

To Isis I will say this: An attack on an American is an attack on our entire country.  Let me be clear... you will be defeated.  We will be relentless in our attack in the seas, in the air, on the ground. We will destroy your leadership, your entire organization. We will not stop until you are thoroughly routed. The tide has changed, your day of reckoning is here. Your days of slaughtering innocent people are numbered.  Like all of our enemies of the past you will be relegated to the dust heap of history. America will be victorious again.

Thank you and God Bless America.


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