Greatness Calling - Please Pick Up

"Don't let your life be barren. Be useful. Make yourself felt. Shine forth with the torch of your faith and your love.

With your apostolic life, wipe out the trail of filth and slime left by the corrupt sowers of hatred. And set aflame all the ways of the earth with the fire of Christ that you bear in your heart."  -
St. Josemaria Escriva

I believe that we are all called to greatness. It is embedded in our DNA.  Greatness is that still voice within us, that faithful companion who challenges us to become more than we are. It is present in our deepest longings, and woven into the deepest fabrics of our beings.

God made us all for greatness!

The journey of life involves us trying to find which version of greatness fits within our unique capabilities, talents, and temperament.

God didn't make accidents, even if at times we may feel that way. God made us to make a difference in this world even if we don't know how to.

It has been said that "an unexamined life is not worth living." Greatness requires mastery of self, followed by a burning desire for continuous improvement. Complacency is like a drummer who just bangs on and on with no purpose.   How many people are simply going through the motions right now?

The path of greatness can be a lonely one.  But it's the liveliest, boldest, most daring, most triumphant path. It is like climbing to the top of a mountain.  It's difficult on the way up, but once on top nothing can beat that feeling.  

Greatness begets greatness.  It doesn't take a saint, a genius, or a PhD wielding professor to see it. Actually, children are the best at recognizing greatness. Children aren't yet marred by the pessimism of adults.  They are too busy writing their own scripts to be held down by the limited, petty vision of mediocre grown ups. Children are motivated by heroes,  Adults are motivated by fear.

We need to write our own scripts. We need to be the authors of our own epics and destinies.  To forfeit this role would be to abdicate life's greatest aim.

Greatness is calling but are we listening?

PS. Please go on and read this post about how Winston Churchill became the author of his own life, answered the call of greatness, and literally changed the world.


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