"I Don't Have To Think Hollywood Does It for Me."

 "But seriously — we’re supposed to be a sign and a contradiction; if the culture was not telling us we were doing it wrong? We might well be doing it wrong! It’s okay. We’re Catholic. We can take it. And we’ll still be here, imperfect, and faulty, talking deeply about things others jeer at or want to skim over and settle in the easiest and “feelingliest” ways possible (and with as much name-calling as they can manage) long after the “tolerant” folks have passed. We’ve survived skinning and beheading and being crucified upside down; we’ve been thrown into death pits and survived decades-long imprisonment and isolation and exile and firing squads. Because the church survives by the grace of the Holy Spirit we know we will survive this, but we are in a long season of penance for sins of commission and omission. This stuff is going to keep coming. As John Paul II once said to his seminarians, “do not forget who you are.” And as he said to the rest of us, often, “do not be afraid.”
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