Do You Ever Get a Bad Song Stuck In Your Head and You Can't Get it Out?

Do you ever get a bad song stuck in your head?  That lingering, never dying tune that penetrates every conscious and subconscious thought.  That song that you swore you wouldn't sing again, but yet you find yourself singing it in the shower, at work, in the car, in the bed room, and at church.  It seems like everything in your environment reminds you of that song. You feel trapped. You have no where to turn. The only cure to this is to let the song run its course.  It's kind of like the flu once you get it you can't do anything about it until it passes your body.Well that is exactly what happened to me this past week.  Ever since I heard "True" by Spandau Ballet I have been singing it everywhere.

I have been singing it with a Bee Gees falsetto.  If you want to annoy your friends, family, or co workers I would suggest doing the same.  Here is another hilarious version of the song from The Wedding Singer.

Any suggestions on how I can get it out of my head? What's your bad song of the week?


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