Hope and fear in the new year

It feels great to be back after these past 2 weeks.   I hope that everyone is having a blessed holiday season.  I myself am excited to begin a new year. 2012 is upon us. It's amazing how a simple numeric change can inspire so much hope and fear at the same time.

Hope - because its a chance for a new beginning. The ringing in of a new year is like free confession without a priest: a time to discard the failings of the previous year and to begin with renewed vigor.

Fear - because with each passing year we get older and time seems to fly by.  Personally, the idea of wasted time, taking wrong life turns, and lost opportunities are what troubles me the most.

In these times, I really dive into the depths of my faith for guidance and answers.  The Catholic faith is so beautiful as it provides a great platform for that "hope"  We have the sacrament of  Reconciliation; a perfect path to ushering in God's grace. Grace provides everything that we need to live this life here on earth and strive for an eternity in paradise. 

A new year's resolution can be powerful vehicle for change. A resolution is a strong impetus to better oneself. This year I want to make sure that the resolution I make is in accordance with God's will for my life. If it is, then I know His grace is going to help me stay on the right course.  Big picture stuff.....yes.  But for this moment- I'm going to just pray for the determination to do the next right thing.  And then any course correction - if necessary- will happen naturally.

Happy New Year.


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