Should We Pray Like Muslims?

Yesterday as I watching one of my favorite shows,  No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain I was struck by  Muslims' attention to prayer

The show took place in Jedda, Saudi Arabia which is a coastal city neighboring the Red Sea.   Bourdain traveled the city and country taking in the local culture and cuisine.  The scene that struck me the most was when the whole city shut down during the evening prayers.  This scene got me thinking about how awesome it would we be if we as Catholics had the same attitude to daily prayer.  I was awestruck by the uniformity, the unity, the reverence, the sacredness.  Everywhere where you turned everyone was praying.

I know that this would not be possible in our pluralistic society.  I am also aware that Saudi Arabia is a theocracy, where one for the most part has to practice Islam. Regardless of these circumstances wouldn't it be nice if we took our prayer time as seriously as the Muslims did in Jedda?

What is it about us that compels us to keep our faith hidden "under a bushel?"  Why are we so accommodating to other faiths and cultures at the expense of ours?  Why are we so cowardly?  So politically correct in our practice of our faith?

I know that there are millions of reasons for this and I don't intend to examine them in this post.  In the meantime I will end this post with this challenge:  What is one public act of faith which I could practice today?


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