I'm Back: Personal Updates

After a crazy 11 days I am sort of back to normalcy. These past days have been a whirlwind, so much has happened during these days.  Here are the highlights;

  • As all of you well know on Aug 28th, Hurricane Irene hit New Jersey.   Through the grace of God our condo was spared.  Absolutely no water damage!   We didn't have power for 6 days, but we didn't mind.  Our home was OK.
  • Caught up in all of this Hurricane Irene drama was my brother;s marriage.  My brother was supposed to get married on Aug, 28th.  Despite postponing his reception they both decided to have the mass on that day. More than 125 people braved the storm drenched streets of Elizabeth to attend the nuptial mass.  It was a powerful and beautiful witness that so many people were there.  The pastor even remarked that there were more people there on that day then on a regular Sunday mass.  After the mass we all organized an impromptu party to commemorate their marriage.  The party was perfect in its imperfection. It was crowded, it was hot, at times even chaotic. But despite all of this we all had a great time.  The party was wonderful in its spontaneity and charm.  I even got the opportunity to be the bartender for the night.  Altogether it was a memorable night.  How many couples can actually say that they got married during an hurricane? 
  • I finally finished my internship.  Yes that's right I am finished! I sort of have my life back now.  Now the difficult journey of finding a job now begins. Please pray for me!
  • I discovered through my brother in law St. Josemaria Escriva's spiritual masterpiece,  The Way. After searching 6 book stores I finally was able to find it.  I have been using Escriva's meditations every day.
  • I am suffering from all consuming addiction to a stupid computer game called, Word Mole.  I have wasted hours playing this stupid game and I still can't beat my wife at it!
  • I have been able to attend daily mass once again.  It feels so great to receive the Lord everyday again.
  • I am trying to read 3 books at once.   Any tips on how to do this successfully  from anyone?


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